I'm going to give a reading in Brooklyn

Brian Howe fans (both of you) were plunged into a slough of despond when I didn't post last week. I doubt this anemic little post will do much to lift your spirits. Predictably, I have excuses. Last week, I was moving, and it's hard to post on an mp3 blog when your computer is rattling around precariously in a cardboard carton. And now, having barely settled into my new digs, I'm running around like a mad bastard trying to catch up on the deadlines I missed during my move, and getting a jump on the ones I'll miss while I'm in New York for the next few days. So here are some songs about the city. My creativity is boundless!

The last time this happened, I managed to embarrass myself twice in a span of ten minutes - first, I somehow mistook Andy Beta for Mike McGonigal. Then I introduced Brandon Stosuy's girlfriend Jane to the Moistworks crew, inexplicably, as "Bridgette." (I actually have an explanation for the latter, but it's a pretty poor one, so I'll spare you.) Plus I was going through a "moustache phase," which, in retrospect, was unfortunate. This time, I shall be clean-shaven and less drunk.